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Leading Ladies of Integrity Inc. Health Initiative

LLOI organization established the Therapon Faith-Based Network Program, training counselors as a bridge between clergy and clinical professionals to address the growing mental health and life challenge needs in our communities in the wake of COVID. Expanding on this initiative LLOI is establishing "The Mental Healing Center" to provide a place of mental healing, encouragement, information and recovery. 

Mental Healing Center - A Place Where Minds Are Renewed

Workshops/Seminars providing access to professionals in the areas of anxiety, grief and loss, stress, strokes, cancer, abuse and bullying (for youth and to address the residue of bullying in adults), PTSD, and mental healing for military veterans. Educational Sessions for practical life applications, finances, healthy eating, meditation, exercise, job preparation, entrepreneurship, and more. 

Mental Healing Center
Future Initiatives 

  • A healing center for the mind, a place of recovery, relaxation, and restoration.  
  • Providing various resource information and connections to belief therapists, clinical therapists and other mental health practitioners. 
  • Workshops to help with anxiety, grief and loss, stress, and more
  • Workshops and assistance with mental healing in relation to Veterans, strokes, cancer, abuse, bullying (for youth and adults), etc.
  • Workshops to empower, encourage, educate and inform on various topics to heal the whole person. 
  • Meditation retreat for adults
  • Meditation camp for youth 
  • Mental Healing Library with various books, reading, and listening materials geared towards mental healing and the mind.

Therapon Belief Therapist

  • Jacqueline R. Duncan, BCBT
    Jacqueline R. Duncan, BCBT
  • Barbara Palmer, BCBT
    Barbara Palmer, BCBT
  • Gloria Thomas, BCBT
    Gloria Thomas, BCBT
  • Phyllis Gerald, CBT
    Phyllis Gerald, CBT
Jacqueline R. Duncan, BCBT
Jacqueline R. Duncan, BCBT

Belief Therapy

Belief Therapy is the faith-based treatment method utilized in the counseling process.  It is a Biblical cognitive analytical process that promotes change and spiritual growth through issues resolution based upon Biblical truth.  Belief Therapy is a nationally registered trademark classified by the US Patent and Trademark Office as "psychological and religious counseling." Therapon issues Certification and Licensure based upon that registered trademark to identify the holder as a Belief Therapist authorized to use both the trademark and the methodology.

Belief Therapy® is the exclusive counseling model of the Therapon Institute. Belief Therapy® is the only Federally Registered faith-based counseling model in the nation.


Group Therapy

  • Anger Management
  • Grief and Loss
  • Spirit of Fear
  • Stress Management
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Child Abuse
  • Christian Meditation

Belief Therapist

A Belief Therapist is one who has met Therapon competency standards for Certification and/or Licensure as a Belief Therapist.  A Belief Therapist uses only (unless they are a state-licensed mental health professional) non-medical, non-clinical treatment, and recovery methods such as prayer, moral guidance, scripture studies, and cognitive analytical principles for people suffering from religious and spirituality problems.  Belief Therapists use the lie versus the truth counseling model first set forth by Jesus Christ in the sermon on the mount, i.e., "You have heard it said by them of old times, but I say unto you." Belief Therapy can be used when the focus of personal and/or group needs are religious or spiritual problems.  Examples include depressing experiences that involve loss or questions associated with conversion to a new faith, or questions of spiritual values that may not necessarily be related to an organized church or religious institution, phases of life problems, life-controlling problems, moral issues, family counseling, anger management, and crisis intervention. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact LLOIinc.om@gmail.com or call 202-709-6492